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Wizard of Oz Cast List

Great job everyone!  It's going to be a lot of fun, plenty for everyone to do!  See you tomorrow for the Read/Sing Thru

(Check entire list, some people are listed more than once) 



Melia K.


Glenda Good Witch

Ashley J.


Mayor of Munchkin City

Riley T.



Tiffany M.



Lindsay N.



Griffin K.


Wicked Witch

Isabella F.


Oz Doorman/Tornado Dancer

Khamora W.


Wizard/Witches Guard

Oliver C.


Auntie M./Munchkin Townsperson

Savannah H.


Uncle Henry/Munchkin Townsperson

Spencer N.


Munchkins/Lollipop Guild/Crows (sing with Scarecrow)

Erin B., Brynley H. (Dorothy Understudy), Shelby N., Lucy V.


Munchkincity Officials/Apple trees (sing with Tinman)

Collie C., Parker H. (understudy for Scarecrow), Jenna P. (understudy Tinman), Kaia W.


Munchkin Lullaby League/Sheep (sing with Lion)

Avya G., Ashley F., Amelia F., Maura C., Peyton H., Lauren O.


Tornado Dancers/Citizen of Oz Dancers/Flying Monkeys

Kate G. (understudy Lion), Heather H., Isabel V., Bella C., Khamora W.


Witches Guards/Munchin Guards

Spencer N., Caleb E., Oliver C., Riley T.


All Munchkins will also be Oz citizens