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About the Workshop

  • This is a 7-week musical theater workshop for 35 students grades 2-6th (pre-registration required).

  • The workshop begins Monday March 4th, and culminates in performances for the school April 24 and for Family/ Friends, April 25, 6:30pm

  • All rehearsals and performances take place at Earl Le Gette Elementary school cafeteria immediately following the school day on Mon/ Wed/Thurs

  • All participants will be cast in the show following gentle auditions that are held the first two days of rehearsal.

  • All cast members are expected to attend each rehearsal.

  • Rehearsals are (M/W 3:30-5:30, Th 2:20-4:30pm) *and Tuesday 4/23 (see rehearsal schedule).

  • Mandatory Tech Rehearsals (4/22, 4/23) and Performances 4/24, 4/25.

  • Tuition: $250.00

Workshop Schedule

March 4     3:30-5:30Auditions/Mandatory Parent Meeting 5:00 (regular school day)

March 6     12:15-3:30Auditions/Rehearsal (minimum day) Casting Notification via Email

March 7     12:15-3:30Rehearsal/Read Through/ Costume check# 1 (minimum day)

March 11     3:30-5:30Rehearsal

March 13     3:30-5:30Rehearsal

March 14     2:20-4:30pmRehearsal

March 18     3:30-5:30Rehearsal

March 19     3:30-5:30Rehearsal (This is a Tuesday)

March 20    3:30-5:30Rehearsal/March 25-29 Spring Vacation/Set Building #1-off site

April 1          3:30-5:30Rehearsal

April 3         3:30-5:30Rehearsal

April 4         2:20-4:30pmRehearsal/Costume Check #2

April 8         3:30-5:30Rehearsal

April 10       3:30-5:30Rehearsal

April 11        2:20-4:30pmRehearsal

April 15     3:30-5:30Rehearsal/off book

April 17     3:30-5:30Rehearsal/off book

April 18     2:20-4:30pmRehearsal/final costume check/Load in set

April 22     3:30-6:30Mandatory Tech Rehearsal *Extended time

April 23     3:30-6:30Mandatory Tech Rehearsal *This is a Tuesday

April 24     School Performances. Come to school at regular time (no rehearsal this day)

April 25     Family/Friend Performance 6:30pm. All actors are called to be at the theater at 5:30pm


Frozen KIDS Workshop Registration

1. Fill in the online registration form below.

2. Use payment button to pay workshop fee of $250. 

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