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Maria Rainer                               

            Kailey Diggs

Captain Georg von Trapp         

            Omar Huerta

The Mother Abbess                   

             Wendy Day

Sister Berthe                               

            Laura Hart

Sister Margaretta                       

            Michelle Mayforth

Sister Sophia                               

            Natalie Rosefield

Nun Chorus                                 

            Rachel Green

            Candace Miller

            Caroline Page

            Isabel Appleton

            Annicka Nichols

            Brenna Van Tassel

            Joan Conklin

Franz, the Butler                         

            Nathan Keel

Frau Schmidt                               

            Isabel Appleton

Elsa Schraeder                         

            Kim Osteen-Petreshock

Max Detweiler                           

            Joe Krack

Herr Zeller                                 

            Steve Allison

Frau Zeller                                 

            Patty Haydis

Baron Elberfeld/Priest             

            Ron Conklin

Frau Elberfeld                           

           Joan Conklin

New Postulant                         

           Caroline Page

Admiral von Schreiber             

            Tony Guest


            Angel Huerta     


         July 10, 12, 16, 18, 23, 25 

Liesl von Trapp                           

            Brenna Van Tassel

Friedrich von Trapp                   

            Andrew (AJ) Miller

Louisa von Trapp                       

            Kate Gross

Kurt von Trapp                           

            Griffin Keel

Brigitta von Trapp                       

             Presley Jerman-Cross 

Marta von Trapp                         

            Ada Fruin 

Gretl von Trapp                           

            Brooklyn Tatosian 

Rolf Gruber                                 

            Kana'i Kamala 


         July 11, 17, 19, 24, 26

Liesl von Trapp                           

            Annicka Nichols

Friedrich von Trapp

           Tanuj Jujaray

Louisa von Trapp

           Avery Bridgham

Kurt von Trapp

           Griffin Keel

Brigitta von Trapp

            Maggie Brown

Marta von Trapp

            Harmony Miller

Gretl von Trapp

            Amelia Green

Rolf Gruber 

            Will Robey




            Jenny Krack

Musical Director 

            Tracy Martin Shearer

Assistant Musical Director

           Jordan Krack


            Karen Van Tassel


            Karen Stinson

Costume Assistants 

            Becky Mullins

            Amanda Stinson

Sound Design  

            Marc Bonham

Sound Assistant 

           Aubrey Bonham


            Claira Eastwood 

Stage Manager

            Lisa Nelson

Production Manager

           Jody Guest

Backstage Manager

            Angel Huerta

Executive Producer/Tickets 

            Joe Krack

Set Design 

           Jenny Krack

Set Construction

           David Nichols

           Jim Van Tassel

           David Toth

           Alan Haack

           Joe Krack

           Tony Guest


            Katie Guest



The Sound of Music is a beloved musical for many. It embodies themes that we can all appreciate and reminds us that family, relationships and love are the true gifts to be cherished.  The song Climb Every Mountain, reminds all of us that we must search for our life and find joy even when the world gives us challenges and even chaos.


Directing this show has been an amazing journey.  We started in March unaware of the obstacles we were about to face.  We ‘Zoom’ed through the spring, rehearsed in small groups in late May and became The Sound of Music family in June. This cast, this artistic team and the Stage Right Board of Directors have truly been a blessing. Each person working together to solve problems that none of us have had to face before and each day continuing to ‘climb’ our mountain, wearing masks, monitoring temperatures, blocking/costuming with special considerations and surviving long hot rehearsals. We hope that you find this evening’s performance inspiring and that it brings you a little joy.  May this show remind all of us to search for our dreams and cling tight to who and what is truly important in our lives.




Jenny Krack, Director




The Sound of Music

licensed through

Concord Theatricals

235 Park Avenue South,

Fifth Floor, NY 10003


Music by Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Book by

Howard Lindsay

and Russel Crouse

Suggested by The Trapp Family Singers

by Maria Augusta Trapp